God Unplugged!!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I am a media guy and recently I w

as recording a video sermon at our local church. As I reached the church, I got busy with many things that I did not get much time to do the soundcheck. When it was time for the sermon and as the preacher came up to the stage, I got in position with my camera for video and headset for audio. As the preaching began I realized something was not right. I was not getting the audio signal. I checked all the settings but I was not able to hear anything. I checked the connections on the camera. Everything seemed perfect. People behind me were wondering what happened. It took a while till I realized that my camera audio input was connected but the other end of the cable which is supposed to be connected to the mixer was left hanging near the sound mixer unplugged.

It is a fact that connector was close to the source, it was always intended to be connected, cable as laid up till there to be connected; however it was not connected. And it was missed because I was too busy to do a sound check-in time and by the time I did it was too late. In our Christian walk with God, we often miss out to do a sound check of our life. We are so busy with the activities of life. Sometimes the activities related to ministry and church keeps us so busy and occupied that we miss out checking if our journey with Christ is connected. The daily introspection of our walk and daily sanctification and course correction is often missed out and given the least importance. And inspite of the fact that are we are working for the Kingdom and ministry, our connection with God the Father is found disconnected. We are so busy in activities that we forget the fact that the most important thing is to be connected with Him and hear from Him and walk accordingly.

Take a moment today and see if you are hearing from God daily. If you are not, leave all the activities and do the connection check. Ensure that your walk with Christ today is not like my other end of the cable which was so close to the source but was still disconnected. It was always intended to be connected but was found unplugged at the appointed time. Jesus is coming soon. It is time you do the check today, every day.

Sound Check!

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