Salt Of The Earth

Salt Harvesting

 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. (Mathew 5:13)

This verse has always made me think what exactly Jesus was trying to say. My biggest question has been why did Jesus compare his people to salt and why not sugar. This curiosity even lead me to visit the salt banks of Chennai city while I lived there to find what was it so great about salt. In last 4 years the Lord revealed 3 unique reasons why it was salt and not sugar.

True Transformation

Salt is one of the most common taste known to man. The other three are Sweetness, bitterness and Spiciness. If we look at the source of all these, the source of all the four fundamental taste is natural and the latter three is occurring pure in nature. Somehow salt is the only flavour that is abundant in nature in sea but needs purification and transformation. We were once like the lost in the world, but we have been saved by His blood and transformed into a new creation. Just like how in salt banks, the water from the sea is diverted in a manner that the filth of the world is removed and clean water enters the bank and is transformed into salt in the same manner we have been separated and being transformed into a new creation. A true christian life truly identifies with Salt.

Internal Response

Any of the other flavour, looses its flavour while placed under certain condition. Sugar caramelises, spice and bitterness carbonates.... however Salt retains saltiness in every situation- from deep fry situation to, salt mango pickle situation till steamed chicken scenario. We as Christians should retain our flavour in every situation of life. Wether it is the season of joy, season of sorrow, circumstances of fear or times of fiery trials, a follower of christ should never loose these flavours.

External Response

The most important one is the impact or the influence it creates. Irrespective of what has been cooked if this element goes for a toss everything is lost. The balanced impact is so important that without it food itself will loose its significance irrespective of who has cooked it. Is the Christ inside influencing the situation outside or the Season outside affecting the person inside?

To summarise the takeaway, the purification and transformation of sea water resulted in salt which retains its flavour in every season and impacts the area of application. Today we as Christians are we like the salt. I will just leave you with one question to ponder-

Is the external world and conditions influencing your inner man or your inner man impacting your external situations.
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