Wear The Hope Story

A journey of F.A.I.T.H

I was born in a middle class Christian family in India. As a successful mechanical engineer worked in a well known automobile company in the department of research and development. With several awards, patents and accolades to my name, life was just perfect for me. I was part of a great church, involved in ministry and a wonderful family. Life was just perfect. It was God's calling to get out of my comfort zone which lead me to quit my job at the peak of my career; after close to a decade of working in the industry, He called me to a future known to only to Him. God asked me to move to Mumbai. Couple of months later I realised my industry skills could also be handy in the family business in Mumbai which was into clothing. And finally I landed in the garment industry too apart from my venture into photography and media.


During this period I got connected to a missions team in North India. I worked with them for a couple of media projects. They invited me to attend a conference in Europe. It changed the way I looked at ministry and Kingdom works. Ministry needed everyone. I was part of a training of Animators for Kingdom of God. It changed my perspective that ministry was all about preaching and worshiping. Kingdom of God needed everyone. Engineers to create innovative designs to help in missions, doctors to help in mission field, animators to animate stories for kids, photographers to illustrate the mission life to the world, video editors to bring good news to unreached areas, lawyers, teachers, accountants, CAs and so on. There is so much work, so much to harvest but labourers are few. I was challenged and started offering professional services and training to media teams from different parts of India.


It was November 2018 I happen to see a young lady walk by wearing a T Shirt with a very foul statement on it. I was really disturbed. I checked online and saw that the messages on the apparels online were all about hate and pride and filth. God planted the seed of a christian clothing and accessory brand in my heart. I shared the idea with my wife and she was very happy to hear it. We had all the talent in house-imaging, web development, clothing experience, graphic development and digital marketing. However we did not have my money at that point of time to start something like that. I was reminded of the incident in the Bible where the Jesus fed the 5000 men. Though he performed the miracle, it was the boy who offered all that he had to Jesus. The boy challenged me and I decided to offer my share of"5 loaves and two fish" to God. However the years 2017 and 2018 were really bad years for business and work we were involved with. The market was bad and business was struggling. We as a family decided not to give up on the idea which God has planted in our hearts. With whatever we had we kicked off the brand and applied for trademark and web domain. And this was it!! Wear The Hope was born.

As we come from clothing and accessories background we know the quality and ensure nothing but the best. Our designs are 100 percent original and are ideal for urban wear and gifting. We are young in the industry and one of its kind in India. We are confident that God has called us to impact people's life message of Hope using the talent he has invested in us. We are excited to be a part of this journey in faith. We do not know what the future holds for us but we definitely know the One who knows it all. Jesus knows it all.

- Rebelutionary Thinker

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