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We believe every individual is in full-time ministry and this ministry is not just about teaching and preaching but being what we are called to do with whatever talents each one of us has been blessed with.


We wanted to offer our "5 loaves and 2 fish" to God to impact the people of nations. Based on this vision for creating clothing and merchandise to impact lives, we launched this idea as a hobby project in December 2018. With the skills acquired over a period of time working for different industries, we managed to put together a team and ecosystem to be able to offer quality products. We sincerely hope our products will impact your life and those around you.

By the Grace of God today we have become a registered brand offering the widest range of gifting and wearables in India and competing in markets abroad.

We are propelled by our passion and firmly believe that - greater things are yet to come.


We are blessed with a small team of individuals who are gifted and skilled in various fields of design, technology and manufacturing to ensure the products offered are ahead of the latest trend and appealing to the audience. The core team hails from a reputed fashion house in the Indian market with years of expertise in clothing and accessories. Together we are a team who are passionate about creating products that will brighten your day and share the message of hope and love.

Praying Together
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