Wear The Hope was conceived as a movement to bring in a paradigm shift in the way we traditionally think about how kingdom work can be done. We believe every individual is in full time ministry and this ministry is not just about teaching and preaching but being what we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to do 24x7 with whatever talents each one of us has been blessed with. The brand is founded on the scripture where Jesus says- You are the salt of the earth. We believe each one of us has to be the salt, impacting people around us. We do this by creating opportunities through our products. And we expect our customers to use these opportunities to share the message of hope. This is what the scripture commands us- Always be prepared to give the answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope you have.

We are passionate about Kingdom of God and wanted to do beyond the ordinary for the God. We wanted to offer our "5 loaves and 2 fish" to God to impact people of nations. Based on this vision for creating resources to impacting lives around we launched this idea as a hobby project in December 2018. With the skills acquired over a period of time working for different industries, we managed to put together a team and ecosystem to be able to offer quality products. We sincerely hope our products will impact your life and people around you.

                                                                                                                                                                          - Rebelutionary Thinker